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Our Company

Cloud Consulting is an IT support/maintenance chain, mobile/web  services, and general supplies & equipment that help address the challenges in information technology organizations face today—and shape how they’ll overcome the new challenges of tomorrow.

Our services


We offer a wide variety of development including web, mobile and system development.


Register and host domains, provide/support corporate emails at affordable.


We have a niche of professionals who dedicate their time in training Joomla, WordPress and Plone.


We support/Maintain a variety of IT equipment e.g Servers, Printers, Laptops, Desktops e.t.c.


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Wame Phalaagae HR

“Cloud Consulting helped us to automate our lead generation, qualification, and nurturing process so that we’re constantly pushing leads down our funnel even when we’re not looking. This allows us to focus on funnel optimization, content production, new initiatives, and customer relationships, rather than manual daily tasks and touchpoints. As a result, our marketing and sales teams are more intertwined and focused on common goals than ever before and we now have insight into every step along a customer’s journey from website visitor to lifelong customer. “